With HomeStayHoliday, you have the opportunity to become the exclusive sponsor of the country of your choice through an auction process.

You may become the sponsor of the country you wish by placing the highest auction bid during the bidding period.

Bids for sponsorship are open from the 20th of each month at 00.00 am until the 25th of each month at 24.00 pm (Server Time Zone will be indicated in your dashboard). The sponsorship is awarded to the highest bidder.

The minimum bid is €100, and there is no limit to how high you can bid. Bids made by unit(s) will be rejected. The upset price in Euros (€) will be fixed every current month for the following month.

Sponsoring a country provides maximum visibility for your brand on the top position of the country page you have chosen. Your banner will appear above all accommodation search results and every accommodation ad in the chosen country, providing unmatched brand awareness.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your brand with HomeStayHoliday.


Become A Sponsor To Avail A Great Visibility

  • Equal Chance for Everyone: HomeStayHoliday provides an equal opportunity for everyone to benefit from the visibility of their brand.
  • Budget Control: As a sponsor, you have the flexibility to set your own limit based on your budget from the auction price.
  • No Competition Apart from Auction: Only one sponsor per country is allowed, so there is no competition apart from the auction.
  • Multiple Country Bids: You can bid for as many countries as you like.
  • Permanent Appearance: You can choose the month(s) you want to bid for and have a permanent appearance throughout the chosen country(ies) and month(s).
  • Check Last Bid: You can check the last bid made for the country or countries you have chosen.
  • Cancel Bid: You can cancel your bid within the allotted auction time.
  • Eligibility: All legal companies may bid, with the exception of those indicated in our Terms of Use.


Space Availability And Banner Ad Process Details

Spaces Pages & Details Prices


Listing & Detail Page Banner

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Base Price € / Month
Bid Now

HOW DO I BID ON HomeStayHoliday?

Nothing More Simple


  • Go to the SPONSORSHIP section of your dashboard once you have registered as ADVERTISER.

  • Choose the country you wish to Sponsor.

  • Enter your bid.

  • Pay your bid. Bidden sums will be put on HOLD MODE until the winner is determined and awarded.

  • The winner will be notified by email and will have until the last day of the month (24.00 pm server time) where the auction was made to upload the Sponsor banner as well as the Sponsor banner Link and Submit.

  • The Sponsor's banner appears as the SPONSOR for the chosen country from the 1st day (00.00 server time) of the following month the auction was made and declared awarded.

  • Remember, all legal companies may bid with the exception of those indicated in our Terms of Use.

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