Each Good Address Will Be Seen Within A Radius Of 10 Km Around An Advertised Accommodation, Seen Or Chosen.

This service allows you to offer your company maximum visibility to users looking or finding a suitable accommodation for them. Your company will then be seen within a radius of 10 Km around a seen or chosen accommodation.

Three locations to indicate your Good Address are available within each radius of 10 Km around an advertised accommodation. It is always nice to be able to find close to your accommodation a company able to provide a service that is needed in order to avoid long searches. Well-being is often closer than you think.

With us, you have the opportunity to put your business forward and facilitate travelers’ stays. Don’t miss it, be opportunistic but also fast.

So do not hesitate, make your Good Address a,

HomeStayHoliday Good Address.


Link Your Address And Become A Good Address.

  • An equal chance for everyone to be able to benefit from the visibility of the world on your brand.
  • Three locations to indicate your Good Address are available in each 10 km radius around an advertised accommodation. This in all countries and all cities.
  • You can choose the month (s) you wish to advertise for.
  • Your Good Address register on our website will be visible the month after you made the registration of your Good Address around accommodation (s) located within a radius of 10 Km around your business.
  • All legal companies may advertise with the exception of those indicated in our Terms of Use.


Space Availability And Banner Ad Process Details.

Spaces Description and Links Prices


Business Location Link

€ / Month
Advertise Now


Nothing could be simpler - it only takes a few clicks!

  • Go to the "GOOD ADDRESSES" section of your dashboard after registering as an advertiser.

  • Click on the "ADD YOUR GOOD ADDRESS" tab in your dashboard.

  • Fill in the information boxes with your company name, URL link, and geolocation coordinates. Then submit your information.

  • Pay for your Good Address.

  • You will receive an email notification confirming your payment.

  • Your Good Address will be live on the site starting from the first day (00:00 server time) of the selected month(s). You will then have permanent visibility in the country and city, near all advertised accommodations within a 10km radius of your business.

  • All legal companies are welcome to advertise with the exception of those indicated in our Terms of Use.

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